Richards Rejected! Now Remove The Coach

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For the second year in a row, a man who has defied the MHSAA rules has come up empty.  Talk about just desserts!  If you watched the game interviews with Richards, you saw him stuttering and very nervous.  I would speculate that he knows the powers at the MHSAA are on to him and will be in contact.  After a second straight loss in the State of Michigan Basketball Finals to Grand Haven 60-54 in OT,  Kevin Richards, the Grosse Pointe South Girls Head Basketball Coach, has done nothing less than recruit players and cheat, starting at the middle school level.  It is a well known fact this has been going on for some time  with current players Cierra Rice, Aleeza Brown and Bre'nae Andrews, and he is very fiercely recruiting 8th grader, Destiny Pitts.  Not only is he breaking the rules, but he's flaunting it.  The very first and most damning infraction?  Can a coach or their representatives call, email, text, tweet, write or contact athletic recruits?  The answer in the rule book...simply put... NO.  The penalties for this and other violations by Richards are:  the student becomes ineligible for 90 school days; the school is put on probation for one year; and the coach (Richards) or coaches, are not permitted to coach any sport for one year at the school where these infractions occurred or any other member school in any MHSAA tournament in any sport.


You can check out the rules at, where Richards, from my understanding, is the President-elect.  Are we serious here parents?  On September 23rd, another violation.  Richards was asking Ms. Pitts to deliver a tape of her play to the Grosse Pointe South Athletic Department.  Where is the athletic director?   We're talking about a coach reaching out to an 8th grade girl by getting tapes and promising to watch her play.  It's all there in text messages and tweets for the last five months, as late as February of 2013.   Not only a violation, but creepy!  She might be all of 14 years old.  She is from the Grosse Pointe North School District, not Grosse Pointe South.   Richards' comment in a tweet "good for GPS bad for GPN"  Huh?  Athletic Director Jeremy Hawkins, who is being paid over $130,000 a year, seems to be looking the other way.  Some of the other conversations between Richards and the young middle school player:  Richards talking about "new uniforms" and his team "going to Chicago every other year to play" -  not trying to entice anyone there, eh Coach Richards?  These are blatant violations.  Believe me, it's sick and more disgusting than I need to add here.  It's called undue influence.  The ironic thing here is that it's not the opponents who are bitching as much as the good people from the Grosse Pointe South High School.  Remember, for each illegal player brought in or recruited, that's one less spot on the team for the good students of the school.  I urge the Superintendent of Grosse Pointe Public Schools, Dr. Thomas Harwood, to take action along with principal Matthew Outlaw.   This is only the tip of the iceberg which is turning into a glacier.  Coaches are here to teach.  What is this teaching?  It's all-out fraudulent and pure cheating.  Richards is a physical education teacher at Romeo and is not wanted near that classy program.  They know the poison and arrogance that comes with Richards.  For similar reasons, Richards was not asked back after nine seasons at L'Anse Creuse North High School.   All competing coaches and athletic directors are aware of this practice of wide open corruption by the devious Kevin Richards.  If the school does not handle this foul smell with the actions of one person and his desire to win at any cost, I hope Executive Director Jack Roberts and Associate Director Thomas Rashid will.   I have respect for both and will have even more when I see them strip Richards of all games won by Grosse Pointe South for at least the last two years, and finally get him off the bench and out of our gyms.  Thank goodness the Grand Haven Bucs said BUC the Devil...the angels of good stopped this runaway train wreck of Kevin Richards and the Blue Devils!   As for the Grosse Pointe South people and fans, there is a lot of good at your school, but to keep and retain that good name you must rid the school of this coach and possibly an athletic director turning a blind eye and deaf ear to this situation!  Kevin Richards, you were rejected on the court again Saturday.  Now it's time to be removed.

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